Amphibious tells a story through reflection and poetry of living in two worlds, “able to live in both air and water, and needing both.” I began this project after a family trip to Thailand in 2004, one that my parents, both in declining health, said would be their last back to their homeland. During that trip and in the years since, I have reflected on the immigrant experience of navigating multiple worlds, mortality, legacy, and the practice of remembering.

Writing is a strong creative urge for me, one that intersects with my work to advance racial justice. I consider the writing practice a gift that gives me the opportunity to observe deeply and be fully engaged in the world. This blog is my way of staying true to my writing practice, even when life feels busy, and giving it a place to live.

I live in Minneapolis and am the mother of two amazing young adult sons. I dedicate this project to my late father, who would have been 72 on January 6, 2013, the first day of this blog.

–Vina Kay